Ocean Springs Damage From Katrina

Just to give you a little background, the folks in South Mississippi survived one of the biggest hurricanes in history, Hurricane Katrina, in 2005. Prior to the storm, the location of DaBayou Bar & Grill was home to Broome’s No. 3. The building was completely destroyed, as were many of our homes and businesses. Slowly, very slowly, we began to rebuild our towns from the devastation of the storm.

Still today, there are empty lots that remind us of our  life before Katrina. The empty “Broomes” lot, where we have decided to build DaBayou Bar & Grill, has sat for over 10 years, quietly near the Marina on Simmons Bayou. Because of increasing insurance costs and newly implemented construction codes, investors hesitate to build on the water.

For the last few years, we’ve had a nagging desire to make this empty lot by the Bayou into something meaningful. We wanted to give the community a nice spot to eat, drink and enjoy the beautiful Bayou views. In order to make the project work, we’ve had to be very creative with our design and construction. We’ve also had a little of the “Bayou Magic” working in our favor – so many people have supported us and encouraged us, and really gone out of their way to help us make this dream a reality. We truly appreciate all of you!!

We want to give a special “Thanks” to the Broome family for their contribution to the Ocean Springs community over the years, and their  support for DaBayou!

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